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Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Empress

To the Radio- and TV-Stations  

CO/ Labour Offices

Worldwide CC     

Luebeck, Monday 5 January 2004.      

                              Free English translation on 23 November 2021.                                    

III. Version / Alarm Clock

Distributed to Cultural Programmes for all Listeners / Distributed to various Workplaces as a printed Letter. Please, let the German-language letter be translated in many different languages and be handed over to the right places. The free English translation you may find here!

Dear Sirs, My Dear Kindergarten!

It is Thursday (German Thunder Day) again today and it has already gone "Bam", killing more than thirty thousand people from another culture, to define it in your naive and carefree level.
It will also surely go bang for real soon, then it will be over and everything will have a terrible beginning through the end.

This is how you then explain to children the cycle of life that has to bounce back until it collapses. In the same way, many informed creatures have now been playing for a very long time with the health, with time and with the life of the Authorities, who first had to conquer the place where they belong.

"Of course, one must not make any concessions to such personalities, under any circumstances, because by doing so one puts oneself somewhat on the sidelines and that is really not acceptable!"? Just watch out, all of you, that there won't be people who didn't stoop so low and were as cheaply venal as the usual rest. Every single person in their place could have done something sensible by looking at the connections between cause and effect.
But then one would have had to speak up and communicate one's knowledge to one's immediate superior, even at the risk of being considered an inconvenient journeyman.

Each one could have accomplished something in the place to which he was placed, by carrying on a sensible activity with understanding and diligence, based on a sensible course acquired through honest work, and fitting into a healthy and natural economic cycle. This applies to every field, as it does to the field in the preservation of health and not only in the fight against disease, it applies to the protection of the family and not only to the multitude of social help centres.
It also applies, of course, to the prevention of famine and the prevention of infectious diseases in the poorer and poorest regions of the world, and not just to combating them. 
Last but not least, this also applies to the protection and preservation of the earth, which has already been exploited in terms of quantity for several generations, also through chemically generated energy. Everyone can look at the products produced, especially in the gift shops also through the greeting cards, where the greatest nonsense is produced and bought and where the state of a culture can be clearly read.

If you look at the building markets or car dealerships, everyone can see how the building material and precious materials are piled high like copper, brass, chrome, nickel and steel, titanium and aluminium, even gold leaf and precious crystals can be found there. When the quantity of goods no longer fits on the shelves or the time, then the big price bargains come to the deer so that they can be reordered and thus unemployment can be prevented in some places and extended in other places.

No salesperson and certainly no sales representative, let alone the management, will want to or be able to do anything about these and other conditions, since almost everyone has been geared to turnover without loss of time, with depreciation, discounts, insurance claims, stock, rent, personnel costs and, above all, theft and much more included in the price calculations.
It is well known that the retail trade in the FRG alone talks about a very high theft rate with an increasing tendency, which runs into the millions and there is talk of an unreported figure in the billions.

No one, simply no one, starts to think and think again about the fact that, on the one hand, children already belong to this theft rate and the damage has already become quite considerable for each individual.
On the other hand, however, there are dissatisfied, unemployed people, where a number in the millions would also have to be mentioned, who, through questionable professions such as department stores' detectives, which turn a person into a trapper and a bonus hunter, increase the number of unemployed by doing without sales personnel.

For this purpose, electronic cameras are used and the goods are also secured electronically by signal tones to make a thief recognisable.

Shame on you, you let disturbed people touch other people's property and then you let these people run up and call the police! These costs and this considerable damage are usually borne by the weakest members of society and their families.

Such a simple calculation, the billions in stolen goods on the one hand and the high unemployment on the other hand results in a difference between big and small thieves, you naughty louts, you! You and others have had mousetraps set up everywhere, whoever falls into them is his own fault, isn't it?
If one speaks to one's superior in this regard, one gets a ready-made answer, because business chains will have their advantages and disadvantages, which are recorded by an inflexibility in management and by a fixed minimum sales volume, which is not determined by demand, but by the arousal of desire through the trained advertising campaign and price bargains.

In addition to this, it will not be possible for anyone who would possess sufficient mental strength to be able to pursue a sensible price-performance policy to break ranks in order to assert themselves, since precisely these people will themselves be personally stuck in a considerable credit dependency through the purchase of a condominium, a terraced house or a car and will no longer be agile enough in this respect to be able to express themselves legitimately.

There are a thousand others waiting for that leadership post who would also like to own expensive trips, a house or a motor yacht and enjoy all the other comforts that life can offer.

Corruption and balance sheet falsification combined with expensive business trips in the higher echelons are in order. No one so easily gives up a job that provides a third month's salary, bonuses, holiday pay, Christmas bonuses and personal prestige in order to be able to present oneself.

Even a young person is advised by the banks and insurance companies to take out a building society savings contract, and quickly, as a young person, one has already placed oneself in a dependency which one cannot and could not yet overlook. Now it is getting even tighter on the labour market and when even more performance is demanded and pressure determines everyday life, then the next colleague who can still manage something and still perform has to pay for it. There are enough ways and means to make life difficult for a colleague, be it by manipulating the tools of the trade such as a PC, by false accusations or suspicions or by a calculated sick leave by working with chemicals and tablets.

It also goes as far as damaging or tampering with a colleague's means of transport to his workplace and much more. One thing, however, that pretty much every superior will not spare his highly qualified employee is an overload of work that is hardly manageable for anyone, in order to prevent him from being considered overtaxed and unsuitable for his higher post.
If, however, someone should assert himself in working life who is clearly distinguished from others by his ability, his qualifications and his independence, then all hell breaks loose!

Every individual suddenly starts to think and reflect, which, by the way, unfortunately also already applies to family life.
Quickly, comrades-in-arms are found, whereby the circle widens every day and continues to do so until either this difference disappears or until this person concerned quits. Only with the next group will it be somewhat more difficult to implement one's ideals and ideas, since prejudices are quickly felled by a resignation.

Now this person has to take a back seat quite clearly in order to be able to make a living at all, because there will rarely be anyone in the circle of colleagues who would testify that it was not like that and was quite different, because everyone is anxious to drag others down to their low level in order not to allow the distance that can lie between certain people.

What would have been a matter of course has nowadays become a feat of self-overcoming that should be well thought out beforehand, because the competition never sleeps! It is with horror that a good observer can see the brief, flickering gleam in the eyes of a creature that can build itself up on the misfortune of others as if through falsely made claims.
If you are not prepared to gossip about others in the workplace, then you are already considered an oddball, a sicko or an outsider, you vile fiecher, you!

Yes, that's how it is in working life and not only that.

Points of attack and weak points of a qualified colleague are identified, which will also involve the family of the person concerned. A beautiful, successful, venerable woman can be showered with work so that she soon looks like her own grandmother.
A successful, honourable man can be kept away from his family by also being piled up with work and responsibility, so that his wife and children as well as his family are sidelined. It is not uncommon nowadays for small parties to take place in the company after work and for one or the other, through good organisation, to even let the entire team plunge into an adventure by means of animate girls, colleagues or by taking a trip to the whorehouse.

Sooner or later, a beautiful wife and mother of a dangerous competitor might pay the price for the trust she had placed in the company or the business, right?
Not infrequently, such little fruits try this way who have never possessed a beautiful wife or who have already destroyed their wives, but perhaps only the marital blessing will hang crooked.

Often the marital blessing hangs crooked only because the wife has a justified distrust of the company and the circle of colleagues for the reasons mentioned and the husband lost his real freedom and independence as a result.

In addition, especially in working life, qualified women are looking for a corresponding man in a leadership position; there is no longer any question as to whether this leader is married or even has children. This so-called qualified, understanding and self-confident, helpful women's society has perhaps already had a disappointment and now desperately needs a made nest, which can certainly be arranged by supposedly good friends in the circle of colleagues. What used to occupy the women's society is nowadays already occupying a so-called man.

Almost nothing worse could happen than a man using the same tactics, the same motives as well as the same signals and movements as a woman and as a cunning woman to get to his goal. Do not underestimate this clear statement, because there is nothing that can be more deadly for a woman than having to be married to half a woman! Many young girls and women can no longer perceive this change in culture and thus no longer differentiate exactly with whom they have become involved, but this will not be so easy to change and correct from one day to the next!

Further on in the text and in working life, because it is not easy especially as a qualified personality to have comparatively half a child as one or a superior, just because this one is probably healthier and will have lower salary expectations or because this one could possibly take advantage of an expensive education. Nor will it be easy for many normal-born men to accept a woman as a superior. It will be the same for a woman who has remained normal, because a woman can basically only accept a man as her superior, unless it is a person who has been appointed to an office "by the grace of God", what can actually only be a one-off. Then it does not matter what sex and age this person has.

But there are provisions for special professions, also for a woman and especially as a doctor. a nun* or as a teacher, whereby a normal superior relationship is given. Now, however, we no longer live in a culture that has remained normal and so there is no longer any demand for a norm. In this respect, the practice in working life consists of a thrown-together bunch, which can also be seen in the questionable products and pricing policy that are put on the market every day. At the top will sit almost exclusively those people who have fulfilled the requirements of working life, and indeed these will have thought and thought when it then came to taking and holding a place.

If, however, there are demonstrable personalities, such as the Empress, my person, who have not bowed to the aforementioned oppositions in the wrong place and can nevertheless demonstrate a very high level of achievement, then you and others should take note of it in good time and classify yourselves accordingly or also subordinate yourselves, otherwise you will considerably worsen your situation and that of others.

The more you and others try to place yourselves above the higher right, the more strictly you and others will have to be guided. The longer you and others play with these values, the longer the Empress will let you play with them. The more you take out, the more the Empress will have to have taken away from you.
This measure will be initiated by my person because of her position through the executive power of her Cudgel, which has already visibly become active in order to also take over the entire Bundeswehr and the BGS.

The Empress will take massive action against this twisted association by making a start in Luebeck in this regard, in order to set up a control centre and a resting place for the world at the same time, which will be administered by a German Prince and other cities will follow. It is not for fun that you will have to learn obedience in order to be able to be free people again one day, only unfortunately this is still a very long way to go, and one that can hardly be travelled.

My person has, by and large, the necessary knowledge to be able to conclude from the effect to the cause, which will probably coincide with the practical findings of others. The fact is, there are a lot of boring greasers who want to eat their way through life and no longer have their addictions under control. Without consideration for the children, young people and coming generations, they risk that it will certainly soon "Bam" again, because no one asks themselves how a further escalation of the earth and the number of deaths will be contained or even prevented.

In this regard, too, the relevant letters have long been available.

The Empress will be able to take over the dirt by the Cudgel and by other means, but then true clergymen must never lose sight of such creatures.
Also the responsible financial institutions will please see to it that every debtor comes out of his debt trap as an exemplary object by demanding a counterpart according to his financial circumstances and that a fixed rate should be available for everyone as a household allowance, no matter whether it will be a high earner or an unemployed person.

Again, letters to this effect have already been issued, so that demonstrably no one can be cheated out of his or her honestly performed labour by a longer transitional period, which is hereby announced. As things stand, money and wealth no longer have the value it had a few years ago. The church tax will be fixed by law and will go exclusively to the Roman Catholic Church, which will remain responsible for the financial basis of the Protestant seculars and, in due course, for the spiritual leaders of other cultures, be it through permanent employment in the school system, in politics or in the field of education or however and wherever desired.

For these and other areas, there are already further letters ready for expansion. Perhaps my person will still write letters about the proportionalities of invisible and visible rays, substances and sound waves, or a letter about a visit via TV ........usw.. . I will certainly think of more in this boring and torched association.
My person only needs to look for a moment and knows about a person. For this very reason, please will you also ensure in your own interest that the Empress can concentrate on new important tasks which she will not be able to manage from her hometown Luebeck.

My wishes and my demands are high, but not excessive. My time is short, but not yet up. My patience is strained but not yet at an end, so I still hope for the Emperor and the King. My obstinacy is still unbroken and, with the exception of King Juergen and Emperor Diethard, does not allow for any other opinion or alternative, so you must now start thinking and reflecting but please in the right direction!

You had better remember that it is not the Empress's job to obtain a halo, *which will particularly affect the ordering of measures for certain individuals and groups.
Especially as far as the restructuring of self-service shops and any chains is concerned, also to reduce unemployment and theft, my person has a firm idea, because the whole matter has been going on for a good twenty years about no small thing! It is not for nothing that the Lord has chosen me, and so the people of Luebeck and the surrounding area are in for a treat!

The whole mess has been put on the Empress's account and there is just the right place for it, you horrible half-animals, you!

 P. p.  Empress

*18 Feb. 2012/ Document reviewed on 13 September 2021.